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Quality Control - Bogue Machine

In today’s highly competitive manufacturing industry, ensuring consistent quality is crucial for success. Quality control is the process of ensuring that products meet the expected standards of quality and safety. By implementing quality control measures, manufacturers can reduce product defects, customer complaints, and recalls, resulting in improved profitability and customer satisfaction.

Quality control involves multiple processes such as testing, inspection, and manufacturing process tuning, aimed at identifying and eliminating defects in products. Through this, manufacturers can improve their products’ performance and reliability, and minimize errors and downtime. When done correctly, quality control provides manufacturers with the data necessary to identify issues and make informed decisions on improving production processes, reducing costs, and increasing efficiency.


Bogue Machine Company is certified in the following:
  • AS9100D with ISO 9001:2015
  • ITAR Registered
  • Cyber Security: NIST-800-53 Compliant
  • Certified through KCNSC (Kansas City National Security Campus)
  • DOE/NNSA (National Nuclear Security Administration)
    • Weapon Quality Policy to a NAP-401.1, NAP-476.1 & PQR 1050
  • CNS/B&W Pantex

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  • Prototype to High Volume Production
  • Welcome 1-5 piece developmental orders
  • Able to support Prototype, Low-Rate Initial Production and Production Quantities


  • Currently open capacity depending on machining requirements
  • Expanded capacity with the YASDA PX30i self-loading technology, capable to run unattended 24/7

Lead Times

  • Currently running 94% on-time delivery and a 97.5% quality rating
  • Competitive with industry standards
  • Quick turn lead times available depending on complexity and customer workload

The consequences of poor quality control can be severe and result in negative brand image, customer loss, and low profitability. As such, Bogue Machine Company prioritizes quality control by investing in quality management systems, staff training, and quality assurance programs. Ultimately, quality control represents a significant investment for manufacturers. However, the benefits of adopting quality control far outweigh the cost, resulting in high quality, reliable production processes, customer loyalty, and improved business outcomes.

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