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Wire/Sinker EDM - Bogue Machine

Wire Electrical Discharge Machining (EDM) is a highly accurate and efficient method of cutting complex shapes out of metal. It uses a thin, electrically charged wire to erode the metal and create the desired shape. Wire EDM provides numerous benefits over other cutting methods, including the ability to cut hard, thick, and brittle materials with high precision. Moreover, it produces high-quality finished products because it does not apply mechanical force during the process. This means that no heat-affected zones or residual stresses are introduced, which can weaken the finished product.

Wire EDM is able to accommodate almost all types of materials. From steel to copper, aluminum to titanium, and tungsten to brass, these materials can all be cut using wire EDM. Furthermore, it can produce intricate and complex designs in thick metal and heat-resistant alloys, which would otherwise be difficult or impossible to achieve with other processing methods. Thanks to its precision, high-quality output, and versatility, wire EDM is widely used in aerospace, medical, automotive, and other high-tech industries.

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